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Supply lines

ba18070ba18070 Registered Users Posts: 307
Can you please find a way that isnt supply lines to make the difficulty curve work? Bretonnia, Tomb Kings and Beastmen exists without steamrolling the entire game every time so it must be possible, right?

I cannot think of a mechanic that is less enjoyable in a 4x game to simulate difficulty. Its just tedious and it makes you feel bad for trying to play the game. Legendary difficulty is basically just "see how hard you can cheese our mechanics because they're really not meant to be a universal system and scale horribly." It feels bad for the players and I imagine feels bad as developers as well.

How in the world my population goes from tier 1 to tier 5 but still cant support a second army without straining the population and resources is beyond me, and really takes me out of the "fantasy" of the game. You literally managed to take a fantasy universe and bureaucracy it so hard that the overworld part of it plays more like a turbotax program than a video game. Cant wait for game 3 where we have to input our W2's and establish a personalized 401k plan to win the campaign.

its not that I and other players cant beat the higher difficulties. I am appealing to you on the behalf of fun- this weird thing video games used to be known for 30 years ago that has been long lost. Consider bringing it back.

P.s. Looking forward to someone who will lie through their teeth because its a forum and claim they love the system because you cant let anyone else say anything on a forum ever without having to be obstinate about it.

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