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Estimate on Mortal Empires 2 release after launch.

Shogun_SanjuroShogun_Sanjuro Registered Users Posts: 317
How long do you guys/gals think it will be until we get ME2. I'm not looking for an actual answer as nobody other than CA could know, but based off new features like minor settlements, siege rework, faction artwork on the race select screen, outpost system and a few other things the old races would need to be on par with WH3's mechanics/visuals, how long do you lot think it'll be?

Mortal Empires for WH2 only took 1 month, but unless they have a smaller team already working on the ME2 map (which I'd assume they are) , implementing these new things for the old races, and then ramp up development/testing of it once the game is out; I'd have a guess at a few more months than WH2's ME, so around 3-5 months.

I'm content waiting for ME2 as the campaign for WH3 seems a lot more interesting than the Vortex campaign.


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