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A fan made poem about war. Enjoy and comment

YavorYavor Registered Users Posts: 67
edited January 2022 in General Discussion

War is duty, ever burning
Debt to the King and the Crown
War is when at once you’re learning
That you leave home at first dawn

War is honor, war is valor
Never ever to lose heart
The army gives no place for squalor
And you’ll know this from the start

War is long and never ending
You forgot why it begun
Always vigil, always lending
Your life and soul, before it’s done

War turns sore, and turns sour
It’s fortunes are shifty as wind
One by one earth will devour
Your friends, your family and kin

War is bitter, war is cold
War transforms man into pawn
Among litter, scorn and mold
War is when you are alone

War is a song sung in silence
With the voice of a single gunshot
After all the bloody violence
When you’re left below to rot

War is cruelty and malice
Only the dead have seen its end
The Gods’ damned, poison chalice
A beast no one can apprehend

And now that you’ve seen the hellfire to burn
You know that you will never return

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