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Are their any undead/vampire Dwarfs?

overtaker40#8926overtaker40#8926 Registered Users Posts: 1,363
If so what are they like, if not, why?
I like all the races. Equally. Wood elves are just the first among equals.


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  • overtaker40#8926overtaker40#8926 Registered Users Posts: 1,363
    Mattock said:

    If I remember correctly dwarfs can be raised as zombies or skeletons, but its more difficult than with humans especially if you're trying to raise them from runic secured tombs.

    There arent any dwarf vampires though, it probably wouldn't work as non magical creatures, and they would never want to be one.

    cool thanks. wasnt sure if the could be raised as undead considering their magic resistance. would sorta be cool if VC zombies changed looks depending on what factions you were fighting and the battlefield markers nearby.

    In regrads to vamps, like it couldnt work or they just would hate so much that even if changed they would just fall on a stake?
    I like all the races. Equally. Wood elves are just the first among equals.
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  • Lunaticprince#9972Lunaticprince#9972 Registered Users Posts: 7,229
    Yes, they even exist undead lizardman but not as chrachhter just as reanimate, you find them lurkhor harkon lore, as he attacked a temple city

  • Heretical_Cactus#7598Heretical_Cactus#7598 Registered Users Posts: 3,276
    There is an Undead Slayer Wight
  • FossowayFossoway Registered Users Posts: 5,332
    Yes, there are.

    Dwarfs can be raised as undead, though they are harder to raise, harder to control, and not as readily available as humans.

    Never heard of a Dwarf vampire, but I don't see why it would be impossible. There is at least one Halfling vampire in the lore, and there are Ogre vampires in AoS.

    HOWEVER, there is a Dwarf Tomb King that appears in the Gotrek novels.
  • FossowayFossoway Registered Users Posts: 5,332

    There is also an Undead Dwarf in Blood Bowl, if you count that.
  • sykall#1105sykall#1105 Registered Users Posts: 3,132
    Its always sad that GW decided to make zombies by default imperial humans. Same for CA. I understand that its a loot of work to make tons of undead variants, but it would be so much nicer to have zombie elves/dwarfs/lizardmen/greenskins/various humans etc.pp. not just from designing them, but also in gameplay. Even if all zombies were equally weak in the offense, a saurus zombie is likley a lot tougher than a human zombie.

    Still it would be awesome if we had different zombie units depending on were we raise them. E.g. misceallnous dead greenskins or lizardmen in the Darklands and Lustria, cathayans in the MoM and further east, elves in Ulthuan and Naggaroth etc.pp.

    IIRC in a Gotrek & Felixx story a zombie carnosaur and zombie lizardmen showed up. And in another zombie beastmen.
    But if you raise the dead in Lustria ir Cathay they always turn out as imperials.
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  • Lord_Zarkov#7252Lord_Zarkov#7252 Registered Users Posts: 2,298
    In 6th Ed GW made models for skeletal Dwarfs (and Saurus, Orcs, Skaven, one elf and one goblin) as part of the Cursed Company RoR
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