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More RPG in my HIstory!

DustynB_epicDustynB_epic Registered Users Posts: 3
I recently got back into Rome II after a couple of years of only playing Warhammer II, and I never really noticed how in depth the Dynasty system is, and that has turned into my favorite part. I have developed a love for my Seleucid Empire, and have played multiple runs with them but I always find myself more focused on the Ruling family than any other aspect. Honest to god I feel like Antiochus I and family are an extension of my own family.... (Even down to pimping my sisters out to other civilizations, for brownie points :o lol )

I was just pondering what else I would like to add to the Dynasty system, and I have a couple of ideas, that could sound stupid, but just throwing them out their for critique. I was thinking of how cool it would be if you could add a Mount and Blade, type third-person system to aspects of the game. Like a really close battle you could switch to your Prince/King/General, and actually fight yourself, possibly stealing victory from the jaws of defeat. Or maybe switch to the third person to host a party with diplomats/Nobles/Royals from other countries, even have the option to conspire against someone drawing your sword in the middle of the party, killing them where the stand. After that the people either recognise you as King, or they all attack you turning into a battle to try to escape. Nothing like getting away from Politics of the real world, by immersing yourself in the politics of my "Empire away from Home!"

I know all these ideas would be really hard to put into an already amazing strategy series, but I mean, if I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't love the series, and just want to see more stuff included.

LASTLY WE NEED CHINA ADDED ALREADY!!! With the coming of Cathay to Warhammer, it is as good as a time as ever to add China to Rome II! Warring States period is PERFECT FOR TOTAL WAR!


  • Commisar#2307Commisar#2307 Registered Users Posts: 2,210
    If the battle is that close, giving up command of the forces is going to make it even worse without going full fantays super power for the general.

    Not really what TW is about. Having the old agent videos would be nice though but can see them being rather expensive to code now with such wide range of actions and cultures.

    We have China, 3KTW. But no we don't need it in Rome. They had no ties other than some possible long lag message system.
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