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Reiksguard OR Empire Knights as Melee Cavalry?

CommunistBoba#6284CommunistBoba#6284 Registered Users Posts: 3
What do you guys think about Empire having a Melee Cavalry option? Would it be nice, necessary, and would it be healthy for the game?

Reiksguard are a defensive cavalry so maybe replace or add an option for Reiskguard with swords and shields? This can be vice versa with Empire Knights too (replace or add a melee cavalry variant). It will probably make them miss out on some charge damage but will allow the unit to sustain much longer allowing for Empire range to be able to get some more damage longer. On that note, they aren't any faster than Empire Knights so letting them have that sustain may help a lot.

Just a quick thought, I haven't necessarily done any calculations just thought it'd be a good way to differentiate Empire Knights and Reiksguard a lot more.
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