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Pull-through Exploit - Cavalry Mass is off roof

Eruner_SK#3693Eruner_SK#3693 Registered Users Posts: 171
edited February 2022 in Campaign and Battle Bugs
From many multiplayer battles, testing and deeper analysis we have found out the reason behind Pull-through exploit.

What is a pull-through:
  • When an unit is able to easily move through enemy unit, usually knocking or pushing enemy models that stand in way, while blocking unit has no way to stop it
  • Chariots pulling through lighter units is an acceptable pull-through and it is how chariot works
  • Pulling through with Giants and Cavalry through any Heavy Infantry is an exploit that should be investigated here.
How is this exploited:
- Cavalry pushes through any frontline unit and then rear-flanks any adjacent frontlines or even charges directly to missile units.
- It is easily possible to apply "attacked in rear" debuf this way to 2+ other units, just click to attack another unit

Root cause of pull-through:
  • Heavy Infantry has 250 Mass - a unit against which you shall not be able to pull through
  • Heavy Chariots have 240 Mass - they get significantly stopped and slowed down by Heavy Infantry models in their way
  • Giants have 400-440 Mass - they are able to pull-through and ignore Heavy Infantry. This should be reduced
  • All Cavalry has up to 650 Mass - very easily they can pull-through any unit without an effort. Their mass must be greatly reduced
Mass of Cavalry units:

Custom tests with modding have found out that:
  • Cavalry with 250 Mass or 240 Mass cannot pull-through at all. They can retreat when there is no Heavy Infantry in their way, but they cannot knock and push Heavy Infantry in front of them
  • Currently, any cavalry can run away (pull through) when is enveloped by heavy infantry from all sides

Suggestion of multiplayer community:
- to greatly lower Mass of cavalry and make it similar to "chariot vs infantry" concept
- optionally also very slightly lower mass of Giants
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