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Vampire Coast Sing Where There's a Whip

The_Radude#3776The_Radude#3776 Registered Users Posts: 422
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  • VildvargVildvarg Registered Users Posts: 2,713
    Finally, a visual representation of me starting up my 894th VC campaign.
  • LordCommander#3741LordCommander#3741 Registered Users Posts: 3,227
    Slaanesh: 'Pfft... amateurs'
    It's a beta.
  • The_Radude#3776The_Radude#3776 Registered Users Posts: 422

    Slaanesh: 'Pfft... amateurs'

    When Game 3 comes out, Slaanesh and the other Chaos factions will get videos like this.
  • PoorManatee6197#6481PoorManatee6197#6481 Registered Users Posts: 2,600
    The moment when we will have a chaos dwarf version of this approaches!!
    #MakeDwarfsGreatAgain Josef Bugman, Thorek Ironbrow, Alrik Ranulfsson, Grimm Burloksson, Kazador Thunderhorn, Byrrnoth Grundadrakk, Malakai Makaisson, Gotrek Gurnisson, Garagrim, Dragon slayer, Deamon slayer, Doomseekers, Brotherhood of Grimnir, Giant slayers, Thunderbarge, Shieldbearer mount, Master brewer, Goblin Hewer, Norse dwarf war mammoth, Tractator engine, Rune golem, Shard dragon, proper Anvil of Doom, Ulther's dragon company, Lond Drong's slayer pirates, Everguard, Karak Varn, Karag Agrilwutraz, Karaz Bryn, Karag Dum, Karak Vlag, Kraka Dorden, Kraka Ornsmotek, Kraka Ravnsvake, Karak Vrag, Karak Azorn, Karak Krakaten.

    All those missing things are grudges in the great book, is in your hand to settle them, CA. Khazukan kazakit-ha!

  • SteelRonin#4832SteelRonin#4832 Junior Member ChileRegistered Users Posts: 1,576
    i walk like them after 5 shops of liter

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