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Medieval 2 Stainless Steel ( CTD's while entering battle & CTD's during battle)

stevieboy197stevieboy197 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited February 2022 in Medieval II: Total War
Greetings total war community,

I have played total wars games for a very long time and this is the first time I have personally asked for help on the forums. Now that I am older I stick to playing medieval 2 with mods (when I can) and I thoroughly enjoy the SS mod as most do. The issue is that I have invested so many hours trying to fix/disable the constant and hellish CTD's that randomly occur upon entering battle, and in the midst of battle. These crashes always seem to get progressively worse making the game no longer playable, and I have exhausted my online options. at this point in the process I simply need help from someone more technically capable than myself and this is my outcry. If you are able can you please assist me in telling me what the hell is the problem because things work great for about 50 turns, and then after this it seems completely random when these things start to happen. The only thing I can say for sure is there is a higher occurrence when it comes to sieges, and especially when the AI bunches up their units entering through the gates. Whomever you are please assist me as the "let down" feeling I get from getting a taste of this mod, and then no longer being able to play it is just something I no longer wish to tolerate.

Thanks and I hope to hear from somebody soon!


- A frustrated computer user.
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