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I'd love to see more ferocity from beasts/monsters/lords/heroes in battles

Lexa19994Lexa19994 Registered Users Posts: 29
The splash attacks just suck, I mean I've played previous games and do enjoy it but wish their was more to it, like in 3 kingdoms, Lu bu for example will personally attack a few soldiers before going to do a splash attack rinse and repeat.

I would like to see similar things in this game, either.....

The Arachnok spider, stabbing humanoids with their legs, or sweeping or chewing on one (think I seen this one happen)

Dragon - grabbing a humanoid and chowing down on it while using its claws to slash at a unit or chomping off a hydras head for it to regenerate or something

Hydra - tearing apart a humanoid with 2 heads, or sinking its teeth in to a dragon

Bears - slashing humanoids, biting heads off, slashing horses

Skinwolves - killing blow jumps on to a mammoth/dragon to initiate a kill blow

Ogre - donking a dragon with its club while the dragon tries to swipe it away with its claw and retaliates with a bite

Medusa - medusas gaze - (1 use to a unit with 25% hp) turns them to stone

Regular spear unit - spear pierces through a giants leg/head/heart

sword unit - slashes away a spear then goes in for kill

Hero/Lord jumping on a beast to stab in the head, heart, back, cutting off a head/limbs literally anything, and then does what 3 kingdoms does

This for someone who loves to zoom in every so often would be so amazing to me, you get the idea from a few examples
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