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Ability to Remove Ogre Mercenaries and Regiments of Renown From the Game?

DedotatedWamDedotatedWam Registered Users Posts: 6
Is there any way to disable the aforementioned features? I want to completely remove Ogres and RoR from the game entirely, so neither myself nor the AI has the capability of recruiting them. I'm tired of seeing overpowered Ogres in literally every army I fight in my SP campaigns. I completely despise the ability to summon overpowered RoR at will, anywhere, with absolutely no needed infrastructure. Being able to summon units instantly completely ruins the balance and any semblance of strategy to this game. I would like to avoid mods if possible. Besides, I haven't found any mods that remedy this situation regardless.

"Oh, you lost a full stack army and have to face the consequences? Nope, here's 10 ridiculously overpowered units that don't even take a turn to recruit." I'm a diehard Total War fan, but honestly CA, I am constantly disappointed by the lack of insight regarding added features for years now. Considering this game has turned into pure Power Creep with every added faction and feature of the game being absolutely broken, and not giving the player-base the ability to toggle features for a single player experience. Makes no sense. Please, for the love of God, someone help me. I hope CA realizes how ridiculous these design choices are.
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