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Possible info on CA's long term plan WW1/40k


  • SiWI#8629SiWI#8629 Registered Users Posts: 12,017
    nothing really new.

    Rumors about WW1 TW game are a constant and surely helped by that job add CA put out there.

    The writer hiring is also a know fact for a while.

    And of course the basic underline: look how well TW WH trilogy did, how could they not try to make a TW 40k trilogy?
    Still applies as well.

    The narrative of "CA makes first a WW1 game then 40k" also makes sense thou I think a WW2 TW would be a even better predecessor. But then again, if CA does TW WW1, it is only a question of time they make TW WW2.

    After all, things that would be desiderable for a WW1 and 40K game do over lap.

    Better trench systems, armor penetration calculation for tanks/ships, systems for planes (TW WH does Helicopters already but no planes right now) and so on are all things that CA could develop for both in one go (and any other project that also could profit from it, be it another SCi Fi game or TW Cold war ect.)
  • davedave1124#4773davedave1124#4773 Registered Users Posts: 22,661
    I remember it was Valrak who originally talked about the member of staff taken from GW but I’ve not heard any solid news about a WW1 game. It would be interesting if they did it as a Saga title rouse as a testing ground.
  • SiWI#8629SiWI#8629 Registered Users Posts: 12,017
    WW 1 could be a Saga title, because begin a relative short but intensive moment of time it would fit.

    But then being a World War, it kinda would be a shame if CA wouldn't go and represent to global nature of the conflict.

    Now as for the source of the rumor I would guess that it is because of the job advisement. The one about vehicle designing and using photographs to implement them into games. That would heavily imply a WW1 at least setting. We don#t have too many photos of vehicles much earlier then that.
  • Commisar#2307Commisar#2307 Registered Users Posts: 2,207
    edited February 2022
    Yeah with the scale of it and the tech involved I don't see it fitting in the budget of a Saga team, unless they did only a snap shot for it like the Italian front or the Balkans.

    Oh also we do have a range of pictures of vehicles from way before WW1, there's a number of surviving ships that exist to this day from earlier that we have pictures of. Plus they can also be using photos of replicas from any time frame as they give better detail than period drawings for the most part.
  • davedave1124#4773davedave1124#4773 Registered Users Posts: 22,661
    Yes, I'm think they could do a particular sector or start in the early period of the war when things were more kinetic based warfare.

    The job advertisement rumor started a while back and I think one of the guys who Valrak got his info from said it was recent as he informs him whenever he hears something about it, so I'm assuming it's more than that as we all knew about it it.

    I'm not sure because I don't know how someone would get hold of long term plans from CA as they are usually pretty tight lipped on that sort of thing.
  • Commisar#2307Commisar#2307 Registered Users Posts: 2,207
    Just thinking on WW1 for TW, not sure how they could do DLC for it, most factions will be the same (oh another nation using Mauser rifles!) just a different starting point. At least with other periods we've had bigger differences in equipment style and use.
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