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As the British, what are some key strategies?

jklunderjklunder Registered Users Posts: 15
Hi Everyone,

The British are my favorite faction to play. In fact, I think the designers deliberately over-powered it, especially with the navy.

1. Among the ways I almost always win are:

a. Secure both the British and Irish islands, as they are sacred and done well, if protected by the British Navy.

France can have the strongest army in the world, but a strong navy prevents such issue.

b. Regardless of whether France and Spain attack me, or I attack them, there will be war.

Every single time I play the game, they are never my allies, only an imminent threat. This was true in the real 18th Century, too.

c. Once France and Spain are taken over, their New World colonies collapse. At this time, move in with the British Navy.

During this time, I usually start at the top of North America, and conquer downwards.

And/or, I also start at the bottom of South America, and move upwards. Many countries have only a single territory, with few or no allies.

d. Longer-term, Russia and the Maratha Confederacy always attack me.

- The Maratha Confederacy is definitely aggressive. But, beyond their big frontier armies, there seems to be very little garrisons in the middle cities. Cities often accept surrender terms without a fight, unlike many others.

I often start from a base in Ceylon, and move upward. Simultaneously, I also attack around Turkey, and move downward. Beyond frontier armies, the inner area is pretty weak.

- Russia seems to be the hardest, because such big territory far away from home. I need to have an immense amount of men and organization. Their navy is often weak. It is such big land armies that are difficult.

e. Throughout the way, I try to make use of factory building, and other improvements for income.

f. In my experience, if everything works perfectly, I can make at least 30,000 income per turn. Often, I can get up to 100,000 per turn.

I make sure to put expendable or outdated land and navel units on the battle front. While destruction of units is never a good thing, the upkeep next turn much less.

Sometimes, in the case of Pikemen, militia, weak ships, etc. I will dismantle entirely.

2. Any other proven ways to dominate, as the British?


  • Jarms48#7854Jarms48#7854 Registered Users Posts: 131
    Sell Ruperts Land to Huron for 8k and this prevents early war with Huron.

    Sell all your technologies in the first turn to everyone. The AI will do this anyway, so better you get the gold than them. Use this gold to buy their technologies as well, then sell them to get that money back. After this horde your tech and get the tech advantage.

    If you do this right you should end up with at least 25k. Then you can use it to get a massive economic lead, control all the trade zones in a theatre, and establish a research lead with having at least 2 colleges.

    Then I focus on wiping the pirates and barbary first.
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