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In ProgressPrologue cannot end turn 14

IsfalaiIsfalai Registered Users Posts: 3
edited February 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
After fighting the battle near claws reach and levelling up Yuri to level 3 I cannot end the turn. There's no hints anywhere to unlock it, nothing to build and no movement to take.
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  • IsfalaiIsfalai Registered Users Posts: 3
    So I loaded back to turn 13, did the battle in auto resolve and got an event popup after. That might be it. Fighting the battle manually doesn't bring it up after.
  • epic_159733075396XBboNaeepic_159733075396XBboNae Registered Users Posts: 8
    The whole prologue is a mess.

    Hell, the whole game is a mess right now.

    Empire Total War launch vibes with this one.
  • NoNickNeededNoNickNeeded Registered Users Posts: 7
    In my case the game hung up 2 rounds earlier. After taking Fort Darvengard, I was able to take one more turn and then after accepting the new objective the end-turn button kept being grayed out.

    After reloading I could not re-produce the bug, but here's my path prior to the button locking up.
    I saved the survivors of Wolf's attack, took the sharp blade and told Garik the secret.

    The first time when the end-turn button locked up, I didn't get the camera-pan to the next objective. After reloading the auto-save the camera pan was executed and everything worked from there on out.

    Here are two save-games. The auto-save from the round before the bug and a manual save where the button is locked up.
  • Kronos202Kronos202 Registered Users Posts: 38
    I had something similar occur after the battle of Dervingard. Got Softlocked.
    Loaded up an Autosave and it fixed itself.

    I think most of the problem is the linear non-sandbox mode that is the prologue to an extent, it needs certain things to happen to unlock the player controls fully, like after the battle of Dervingard it moves to a more simple Sandbox mode with the player largely in control.
  • CatpriestCatpriest Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3
    I had the exact same issue: after levelling up to 3 in the prologue, the "next turn" betton is greyed out and there doen't seem anything else to do.
  • eddknightukeddknightuk Registered Users Posts: 1
    I cant attack Dervingard the crossed swords icon is grayed out
  • IndefatigableIndefatigable Registered Users Posts: 526
    I had something similar when I played the prologue. I pressed the escape key to close some of the interminable popups and was stuck in a cycle where end turn was the only button that worked on the interface.

    This is not a new problem - I have reported a similar issue on my first attempt at a playthrough of Throt's campaign in game 2, where another crappy tutorial pops up. I had to press escape repeatedly to clear that crap and the interface again messed up.
  • MrParachuteMrParachute Registered Users Posts: 1

    I cant attack Dervingard the crossed swords icon is grayed out

    Same here :(

    Gamepass version

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