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3840x2160 resolution stays capped at 30 fps

MashedpotatojohnsonMashedpotatojohnson Registered Users Posts: 4
edited February 2022 in Performance & Graphics
Whenever I try to run the game in my native resolution (4K) the game caps itself at 30fps no matter what I do. I've tried changing the nvidia settings to 60fps globally, I've tried turning on and off vsync. If anyone has any ideas or if I just have to wait for a patch?

GPU- GTX 2080 Super
CPU- Intel I7 9700K
SSD- Yes I use it but I don't know the specs
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  • MashedpotatojohnsonMashedpotatojohnson Registered Users Posts: 4
    Hey @CA_Charlie ,
    I tried your ideas and I'm still getting stuck at 30 fps and it does not go any higher. I have a 60 hz monitor and it goes up to 60 when I drop the resolution to 2K. But 4K seems like it has no 60 fps compatibility.
  • WiDOWZWiDOWZ Registered Users Posts: 23
    edited February 2022
    If my RTX 3080 can't 1440p consistently 60fps this game, I don't know how you expect a 2070 super to 4K. I get 50% better performance in TWW2 at 4K then I do in this game. Better to just play TTW2 and wait out a patch or two at this point.

    Ryzen 5950x / RTX 3080 / 32gb Ram / NVMe 2TB SSD
  • MashedpotatojohnsonMashedpotatojohnson Registered Users Posts: 4
    My 2080 has been doing great for almost 2 years but maybe it's time to look into an upgrade. Maybe adding more RAM will help it too. I only have 16GB RAM in my pc so maybe 32 will give me a good boost. I don't expect the game to be optimized perfectly so close after release so maybe a patch or two will help like you said. I scale down my resolution in game to 1440p and get around 60 fps most of the time. The game is still a lot of fun I can't wait to see it fully fleshed out and optimized.
  • WiDOWZWiDOWZ Registered Users Posts: 23
    No its a fine GPU, the game is just very sluggish for top of the line cards it seems. Adding more RAM will not make a difference as most games nary come even close to 8gb let alone 16gb. So long as you run dual channel and don't have a big bg processes that simultaneously utilizes most of it you should be fine with 16gb.
  • MashedpotatojohnsonMashedpotatojohnson Registered Users Posts: 4
    Yeah I don't run anything besides the game when I play. I'll just stick it out until some patches come through.
    But if you're looking for anyone to do a coop campaign with I'd be down. I wanted to get more people who like warhammer in my circle anyway.

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