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I have no Internet so I can't play offline :)

seb447seb447 Registered Users Posts: 1
Its like the title says, I have no internet at home so I've had to write this on my 4g. I managed to get my computer to a friends house to do the download through there parents only to find out when I got my computer back you can't actually launch the game without internet. This has made me so angry because there's no way for me to get internet for atleast a month which means I'm left with refunding the game I've been looking forward to for so long because I need internet to play a **** offline game.
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  • arielbatiancilaarielbatiancila Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have already played for 5 hours. but previous days I don't have internet and I cant access the game
  • CoutraCoutra Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have 63 hours in the game, but I can't open it in offline mode because I need to launch it online the first time. There is clearly a issue here. Have played with internet all the other times, so that must be a bug.
  • DocButterDocButter Registered Users Posts: 11
    @CA_Charlie I also have hours in the game online but still cannot play. And this goes for warhammer 2 as well. It starts loading then it stops a few seconds later saying there was an issue connecting to steam cloud.
  • Charly0309#7128Charly0309#7128 Registered Users Posts: 56
    Has this been resolved yet?
  • b_took#1657b_took#1657 Registered Users Posts: 387
    Did you try disabling steam cloud for the game? Should be under the general tab of properties when you right-click on the title in the steam library.
  • #985611#985611 Registered Users Posts: 9
    guys can u just remove denuvo? this is madness we need to connect internet just to play offline game? seriously im not gonna buy warhammer 3 dlc if you keep applying this feature.
  • TheristTherist Registered Users Posts: 1
    I lost internet connection at home and was told it will be off for couple of hours. I thought great opportunity to play.

    Oh wait, dumbasses made this game online only. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  • b_took#1657b_took#1657 Registered Users Posts: 387
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    I just disabled my internet and got into the game just fine, Inappropriate Comment removed. . :)
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  • Charly0309#7128Charly0309#7128 Registered Users Posts: 56
    My son came to stay (has no internet).

    We updated the game, and tried it in offline mode after a reset... it worked!!! Playing happily online for a few days.

    Retesed it before he went home. We packed it up, sent him home... and now he gets the "steam is in offlive mode. For first launch go in online mode" again.

    Bought him this game when it first came out, and he has hardly played it.

    I have bought both of us every game and all the dlc. How much is that for something he cant even load?

    Surely there has to be a better way to do this?

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