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The issue with Tzeentch : how to ALMOST make good mechanics

Blakclight#3000Blakclight#3000 Registered Users Posts: 31
So first of all i REALLY enjoyed the game especially the prologue and the multiplayer experience. But i decided to play tzeench and ... Oh boy the mechanics are ... SO BAD !!! and it's sad because it's SO close to being interesting .

Spoiler ahead !

Here a list of the current tzeentch mechanics :

-Teleportation stance : despite the cool description it ISN'T a usefull tool to have your army move around faster on the map it's just a "tunnel" mechanics except it steal all your magic. And DESPITE the introduction to the mechanics i CAN'T find a way to allow you to attack using this stance.

-The cultist and secret cult that a REALLY nice idea , spreading your influence to other country making secret cabal , well that have 1 building that don't do much and you don't have a way to reliably spread corruption... Just make more effect type building and give an action to the cultist "Spread corruption" and BAAM you have a working system and the cult help you with the "change of the Ways" aka the diplomatic manipulation

-Speaking about that : they suck.
And for a few reason:
1/ They start locked and take a long time to unlock... Like it's cool to have a pannels of tools to manipulate except you need to spend research to have situational buff ... NOT good ,make it always unlocked but a BUFFED version that can be reasearched.
2/ You need reliable information to use them and if you had gonne through the pain of gathering those information well half of them become useless. Having real cult might aleviate that.
3/ Lot of them are really wanky like "discover intention" i used it dunno what i'm supose to have learn ... Watch army well unless you are already spying on it you can't use it ... Open door ? Really that need to be an entire thing?
4/ The price ! I generated a LOT of ressources . To the point where i could buy all the research BUT i could barely afford one of those that actually did something. Also WHY THE HELL it cost less to give the city to me than to a neighbours ? It REALLY should not be based only on relation and corruption but factor for the specific use. Like are you giving a city to you ? Are you giving a city to an ennemy or to somebody that SUPER far from said city. Are you asking the dude to attack the strongest empire ect ect
5/ The cooldown . So i see the point of having a cooldown to instantaniously changing ownership of a city BUT gaining vision to an army has a few turn of CD really? Aren't the cost in special ressources supose to deal with that already?
In short if they have potential and you can still use them as a blunt tool to force war or stop people or conquer settelement all the subtle use are drag to the ground by the balancing and a few design choice.

-Special ressources. So you are "supose" to collect books and it's "supose" to be SUPER important stuff . BUT the few you gain is LARGELY enough to pay the research and NOWHERE near enough to really use the change of the Ways. Having a real use for them might be cool !

-And lastly a mechanics that could have been SO good : the transfer of winds of magic. IF you could have changed them a bit more than where you already controle and maybe where you have high corruption and maybe make it USE the books. So it isn't a simple fact of making your main province high magic and get the growth event to just get more but real choice and you could "starve" a nation of magic if you use your influence

It's REALLY sad that such obvious balance and design issue plague this faction . Didn't see such issue in khorne or in the prologue kislev. How to get SO close to nail faction mechanics but fail EACH and EVERY one of them.
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