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Armour/Weapon Visual Change on Lord's Equipment

IrrblossIrrbloss Registered Users Posts: 1

I wish that the visual armour/weapon of your Lord changes when you equip new items, especially now when we actually see the Lord in the equipment screen.

Otherwise it feels a little pointless/lackluster. I'm thinking it would be cooler if it were like a WoW does it.

An example: I'm playing the Prologue, and Yuri gets a new piece of armour called Kislev Armour. It would be a perfect time to show a visual change when it is equipped and it is a little disappointing that nothing really happens since the interface with the Lord right there kind of builds up that expectation.
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  • lcmiracle#6727lcmiracle#6727 Registered Users Posts: 1,327
    I would love for the game to allow for swapping of weapon types for characters, instead of some factions having a male and female lord with asymmetrical loadouts.

    Still, expecting so many items to change the respected race's visuals is likely not realistic for total war. Also, some items are, intuitively anyway, not what's shown on the model. The mace of helstrum is, as the name suggests, a mace, and no empire character that I am aware of in-game uses a mace -- warrior priests use hammers.

    There are bows you can equip on some races, such HE, where some of their characters don't even use a bow.
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