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Epic Telemetry

YellowArchitectYellowArchitect Registered Users Posts: 4
edited February 18 in Multiplayer Bugs
This game has many hype features, but what got me to buy it was simultaneous co-op.
To activate ogre kingdoms and play with a friend, I must connect to online services of Total Warhammer, which is expectable.
But if I blacklist Epic's servers, I cannot connect to Total Warhammer's online services, wtf? I bought this on Steam, and you are really asking me to trust Epic Store on my computer, free to get any files it wants? Or buy a hard drive exclusively for total warhammer 3?

Anyway, I made an account just for this, seeing that you must be working overtime given the state of the release, so please fix this, just decouple the online services for Steam and Epic, just like total warhammer 2, please pass this to the devteam otherwise I just cannot play and will refund until I get yet another SSD...

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