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User Info RequiredIn battle and campaign crashes

BlasdeLezo90BlasdeLezo90 Registered Users Posts: 7
edited February 2022 in Crashes

I am aware that there are some threads with this issue already open. However I have tried several solutions and none of them worked. I have reduced texture quality, I have reduced lightning quality, I have disabled amd and steam in game overlay and still the game crashes every now and then while playing the campaign. There are two different crash scenarios...

- In battle crash: When I am playing a minor settlement battle as attacker or defender, suddenly the whole pc freezes, after a black screen, the game reappears but with changed colors. With lots of black pixels, dots, dont know how to call them... After that the crashes reapear very frequently until the battle is finished. Once you return to the campaign map, everything is back to normal.

-In campaign crash: While either moving around with the camera, building something in a settlement, selecting an edict, adding skills to the characters, etc. The pc freezes. Warhammer 3 turns into a black screen and the only way to close it is by forcibly rebooting the whole system.

Here are my pc specs in case it helps (32gb ram, Ryzen 7 5800X, AMD RX 590)

As additional info, while playing the game I see every now and then black boxes that appear only for a milisecond (Im not able to take a screenshot). The boxes are big, as if a cmd window was going to open or something like that... May be this is related to the game crashing constantly.

What I could play I really enjoyed and I would be very thankful if anybody could help me solve these issues.



  • BlasdeLezo90BlasdeLezo90 Registered Users Posts: 7
    since I saw that CA ususally asks for this...
  • CHARLOTTEB_CA#8412CHARLOTTEB_CA#8412 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 3,666
    Hey BlasdeLezo90!

    Thank you for posting, Could i grab a copy of your Dxdiag please? =)
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  • BlasdeLezo90BlasdeLezo90 Registered Users Posts: 7

    thank you for your answer.

    Please find it attached. I am using the launch option -dx11 for tww3 as I read on another thread that the game does not run on DX12.

    I seem to have been able to come with a temporary solution. If I shut down completely the AMD Grafic card software so that it does not appear anymore on the task administration, the campaign crash does not reapear.

    For the in battle bug, a general setting on high quality with textures & lightning on low seems to do the job as well.

    An alternative solution would be most certainly welcome as I would like to enjoy the full potential of the game :)


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