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What do you think of Survival Battles/Souls Gathering?

Shogun_SanjuroShogun_Sanjuro Registered Users Posts: 344
Personally, I rather like it. A few content creators said they did not enjoy it but thought it was really intense and I was constantly having to slow-mo and sometimes pause to select my buffs (heal, ammo, equipment upgrades etc). The music was hype as well for me.

It really did take the life out of my army and they all came back with like 20-40 men in each regiment left, lol. Good job I had high replenishment. Good to know I have some 'veterans of the Chaos realms' in my army now. What horrors they witnessed (I'm Zhao Ming). It felt like a Total War dungeon!

I hope we can have WH1/WH2 races play these battles on custom battle once Immortal Empires hits. Would love to do this mode as the Empire or High Elves.

I'd even love for them to be incorporated into Immortal Empires (toggleable like Chaos invasions for those who don't want them) and for each soul you get, you're given a faction-wide buff rather than progress the Ursun story in WH3's main campaign.

What do you lot like or dislike about them? Would you like to see them as a toggable option for Immortal Empires (like Chao Invasions)?


  • KIT#5531KIT#5531 Registered Users Posts: 499
    I hate it. It is annying. Even on normal difficulty it sucks. Went to the realm of Khorn and had to fight against serveral doom stack armies and got no reinforcements. To get reinforments you have to go to different locations within the realm but on the way to this they will attack you and on the way back they also will attack you so it ****. I don't want this **** in ME
  • Shogun_SanjuroShogun_Sanjuro Registered Users Posts: 344
    KIT1986 said:

    I hate it. It is annying. Even on normal difficulty it sucks. Went to the realm of Khorn and had to fight against serveral doom stack armies and got no reinforcements. To get reinforments you have to go to different locations within the realm but on the way to this they will attack you and on the way back they also will attack you so it ****. I don't want this **** in ME

    It's doable. I managed it in Khorne's realm. Yeah, it's hard, but as it should be.

    At least you can auto-resolve them.
  • LaindeshLaindesh Registered Users Posts: 4,738
    While the game and the action is fun.

    = I dislike the soul gathering. The survival battles is fun a few times. But loosing the campaign because tzeentch realm sucks balls and atleast one of the AI always gets a perfect run and get to be'lakor and kill him in one try is such a huge downer i can't really describe it. I got to this point in 2 campaigns so far and both times this is the reason i lost.

    Im giving it a 3rd try now with cathay and yet again realm of tzeentch kicked me in the ballers.

    I got used to handling the rifts though, agents!.

    But yea, im looking forward to the combined maps more than anything at this point.

    The game overall is really good. Its just the campaign narrative that blows rainbow farts.
    I like all the action, i like the fighting. It's really fun :)

  • pether#9857pether#9857 Registered Users Posts: 226
    I hate soul gathering race. I don't have control over the timing of it, I don't get the rewards, I don't know how to interact with other players to slow them down except killing them all... That part is really poor...

    Quest battles? I started one, but it crashed twice so I satisfied with auto resolving it. Sadly, because it seemed it might be a really epic battle
  • DeadpoolSW#7283DeadpoolSW#7283 Registered Users Posts: 3,167
    I like the different unique realms, but while survival battles are a nice novelty, I'll probably be auto resolving most of them.
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  • #1609#1609 Registered Users Posts: 3,637
    I just did my first one in Slaanesh realm, I just ran to the center using the portal, without a battle except the survival one at the end.
    And I was a bit puzzled. I thought there was unlimited Wind of Magic? And also there was a kind of random effect shared by both players?
    There was none here. Is it normal?
  • 1v0#35621v0#3562 Registered Users Posts: 2,393
    For me - Boring and easy. At the end too chaotic !
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  • #505139#505139 Registered Users Posts: 128
    I like it for maybe 3 or 4 campaigns, after that i would prefer a sanbox mode. And im a bit disappointed that ogres have the same campaign goal
  • Seethe#1847Seethe#1847 Registered Users Posts: 260
    It's a great mechanic, but I think that once an AI gets all of them and you defeat their army before they complete the main objective, they should be disqualified, vortex style. It's a bit annoying in its current state.
  • ArbitraryDwarf#5835ArbitraryDwarf#5835 Registered Users Posts: 231
    Zero interest in them.
  • QuestionOfHeaven#1659QuestionOfHeaven#1659 Registered Users Posts: 674
    Whilst i sorta like it, i hate the race. I truly find it very annoying i have to race for the souls, it puts a pressure on me that i dont want. Wish it could’ve been like the vortex and just have a battle where you can prevent the AI from getting victory.

    This is a big negative for me. And whilst the portals are active, campaign map becomes a laggy sob with all the agents/army’s etc.
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  • IxalmarisIxalmaris Registered Users Posts: 851
    Survival battles are among the worst things CA ever created.
  • mm3791#9807mm3791#9807 Registered Users Posts: 227
    Mortal empires is the best
  • Pray#3234Pray#3234 Registered Users Posts: 1,634
    need mod . i see it's potential .
  • RyanSewell#2107RyanSewell#2107 Registered Users Posts: 236
    The idea of including the rifts and survival battles in IE is the worst I've heard for this game.
  • Patrikseve#8733Patrikseve#8733 Registered Users Posts: 2,129
    I enjoy them it really preassures you and forces you to turtle properly at various positions. I also liked the ability to heal, resupply, add armour etc, rotate units to reserve and call in reinforcements along the way. I also thought it was a nice way to create larger battles in a fun less hardware requiring way. Even though I enjoy my 40-80 stack napoleon total war battles.
  • Seethe#1847Seethe#1847 Registered Users Posts: 260
    edited February 2022
    I want the rifts in ME. There is this cool mod called "Gates of Chaos" in TWW2, and the first thing I thought of when I saw the rifts in TWW3 was that mod. I hope they put the rifts in ME and balance accordingly, with rifts spawning only once in areas that were razed by chaos, and you have to close them.
  • cobanecobane Registered Users Posts: 3
    There are enough things keeping my interest in my Kislev campaign. For instance, I'd like to commit both of my armies to the vampire wars plaguing my southern border, but I cannot, for one is compelled to go do Creative Assembly stuff. It's as if they have zero faith in their core gameplay loop. Some schmuck with a flip chart convinced them that nobody wants to play the plain old Total War formula anymore. Warhammer is the soy milk over my bowl of Total War!
  • MAG84MAG84 Registered Users Posts: 6
    they need to adjust it a little bit, but i like it.
    always preferred vortex over ME campaign.
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