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Known IssueDaemonic Glory not unlocking the last rewards

PizzaCannibalPizzaCannibal Registered Users Posts: 2
edited February 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
In my campaign with the Daemon Prince, I had an issue with the Daemonic Glory: i choose Tzeentch, and the last unlocks are the Lord of Change and a few items, and it need 4400 Glory to unlock. I reached 4400 Glory, the game even said I reached the maximum amount of glory, but I didn't unlocked these few things and was not able to recruit some Lords of Change because in the recruitment mode, it was said i didn't have enough glory.

It was strange because these unlocks are coloured in the daemonic glory tree (in the corner on the right), but they should be colorless if I hadn't unlocked them, as if the game understood they were mine, but without giving me access to them.

I'm not mastering English, but I hope you understood me.
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  • KayocasKayocas Registered Users Posts: 1
    I also have the same bug but on the Undivided tree, I've completed the tree but the global recrutiment buff is not working at all
  • korbatonkorbaton Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same for Khorne. The Gods are not pleased with us...
  • faolchuaonirfaolchuaonir Registered Users Posts: 2
    yeah i came here to report this for Khorne but i guess others beat me here. 4400 favor gained and nothing
  • BhoroxBhorox Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same thing to me with Nurgle. It's annoying.
  • OperationIdiotOperationIdiot Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same here with Khorne, really frustrating when other factions are throwing endgame units and me and I can't do the same back. Best work-around I've found is to recruit them via allied recruitment but then it's allegiance-dependant.
  • AxlotlAxlotl Registered Users Posts: 2
    Came here to report the same issue - Chaos Undivided, the final buff is unlocked and shows as acquired on the Glory screen but isn't being applied to my armies.
  • JuratzJuratz Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same for me with Khorne
  • SoDEXSoDEX Registered Users Posts: 4
    edited February 2022
    This happens to me with Chaos Undivided as well, minos still take 3 turns, eventhough i have bloodletting and maximum undivided glory, which means it should be (2 (base recruitment) x 2 (global recruitment malus)) - 1 (bloodletting) - 2 (Chaos undivided bonus) = 1 turn

    The attached file is a different save with chaos undivided that has the same problem.
  • Terka1917Terka1917 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same problem with Slaanesh here. I also had a similar issue with Tzeentch were none of the rewards unlocked after ascension, then a few rounds after reaching 4400 glory all unlocked at the same time
  • Keiser101Keiser101 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Chaos Undivided chosen, final buff not active.
  • Not_A_WolfNot_A_Wolf Registered Users Posts: 3
    Ya I just got 4400 in Nurgle, when I get the chance to earn more it says “already max in daemonic glory” but it isn’t actually unlocked. Shows it crossed out with chain when I click on it but still has green check mark. Does anyone know if there is a quick fix for this? Or if it corrects itself in time? Also I’m on multiplayer, don’t know if that helps support team
  • CA_Dimitar#6718CA_Dimitar#6718 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 1,002
    edited February 2022
    Hey all,

    Thanks for your reports. Your issue has already been sent to the dev team.

    CA Sofia QA Team
  • jf3-yolojf3-yolo Registered Users Posts: 1
    Got the same here with undivided
  • Julian928xJulian928x Registered Users Posts: 5
    Hey folks, just wanted to mention that I saw this issue on Reddit and someone explained a reason and workaround:

    The bug allegedly happens when you finish your Glory tree with passive income, instead of with a mission reward or dedicating a battle/settlement. The workaround is to make sure you hit the cap with an active glory gain, not your per-turn passive gain.

    I can't personally confirm this, but other posters did.

    Hope this helps some people while CA works on fixes.
  • The_Mugato#3978The_Mugato#3978 Senior Member Somewhere where Mugato's live.Registered Users Posts: 476

    Hey all,

    Thanks for your reports. Your issue has already been sent to the dev team.

    CA Sofia QA Team

    Any updates??
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