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How to kick people?

UnLimitedUnLimited MemberPosts: 69Registered Users
How do I kick from games in progress? I was kicked, but I don't know how to do it. I guess you have to be host, but my friend who is hosting our battles doesn't know either. I am getting tired of a**holes coming to our battles where the only rule is "no artillery" and get nothing but artillery and few units to protect them. Thanks.
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  • samshnnesamshnne Junior Member Posts: 8Registered Users
    edited January 2012
    to kick someone is a hack. People do this is rated games. I have posted complaints and proof, staff does not care.
  • UnLimitedUnLimited Member Posts: 69Registered Users
    edited January 2012
    Hack? I didn't know, I guess I can't do it then. I asked because I was kicked from some games.
  • UnLimitedUnLimited Member Posts: 69Registered Users
    edited January 2012
    Wins or rating doesn't mean anything to me. I am playing to have fun which is, for me, competitive and intense battle. Me and my friend like to play without artillery, but often times people use just that so they can win easily or ruin our games. I am sick of it. That's why I was asking for that. I am not looking for any hacks, so I am not going to use any of that. I guess we have to deal with it.
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