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In ProgressCannot connect to multiplayer games: "Failed to join game: Unspecified error"



  • #614206#614206 Registered Users Posts: 1

    same problem here.
    Could you fix it ?
  • Volamont#8767Volamont#8767 Registered Users Posts: 2
    #614206 said:


    same problem here.
    Could you fix it ?

    I really really Wish,
    I followed all the suggestions listed on this site:


    1. Check Game Server Status
    2. Use Steam Friends List
    3. Re-login on Game Pass
    4. Disable Windows Firewall
    5. Link Xbox Game Pass to Steam Account
    6. Ensure your Steam Profile is Public
    7. Restart the Game
    8. Reboot the System/Device
    9. Check your Internet Connection
    10. Power Cycle the Wi-Fi Router
    11. Verify and Repair Game Files
    12. Flush DNS Cache
    13. Reinstall Total War: Warhammer III
    14. Contact the SEGA Support

    It Still didn't work, the Only thing left for me to do it wait for an Update or
    until I Move and save up for a new router and/or computer.
  • #935900#935900 Registered Users Posts: 1
    This is still a problem?
  • CherenkovLight#3710CherenkovLight#3710 Registered Users Posts: 9
    Echoing what was said above, I am also having the same problems which seem to have started with the 2.0 patch.

    ~90% of the time I get "Failed to join game: Unspecified error". When I am able to reach the army select screen everything is fine: smooth gameplay with no lag.
    However, it's extremely difficult to reach that point with as the success rate of making it to that screen is so low.

    Following various guides online has failed to resolve this issue.
  • BlackPeople#5299BlackPeople#5299 Registered Users Posts: 1
    A friend and i had the same issue and was advised to set his date and time to automatic, which solved the issue.
    Hope this helps!

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