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In ProgressFinal Battle Glitches

jookyjooky Registered Users Posts: 2
edited February 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
I've been playing the final battle, and it's taking me a few tried to complete as I've yet to do it still. I keep getting the Daemon Prince's army right down to 2% in the last phase with just 1 of his units left to kill before the endless tide of reinforcements finish me off before I can even find him. The last time playing though a glitch happened where all the enemy reinforcements just swarmed to the south west corner of the map and stood idle, which gave me loads of time to just look for the last enemy of the Daemon Prince to kill but they just weren't there, 190 minutes into the game left on idle and I can't find the guy anywhere. I still had towers attacking the enemy reinforcements so I don't think It's a matter of having to kill enough of them to spawn, and it's definitely not a timed thing so Idk. Frustrating, Idk if what's causing it or how to fix it during the game session
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