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What is the ultimate late-game army?

Lord of CinderLord of Cinder Registered Users Posts: 472
After many years, I finally decided to try out this game for real. Since a clan determines so much of your combat prowess, I have a hard time even choosing a faction to start out. My highest priority is who has the strongest late-game armies. Did a bit of research, but no conclusive answer, so I came here to ask.

I like to play ranged heavy armies and this presented several choices. Chosokabe has the bow focus, however, since warrior monks are arguably the best archer unit, why not go for Ikko-Ikki instead? Ikko-Ikki or Chosokabe has better late-game bows?

Then again there are firearms. Otomo clan supposedly has the best gunpowder units, like the Portuguese Tercos. On the other hand, Shimazu has heavy gunners of their own which seem to be pretty strong too.

Bows or Matchlocks? Bows have more range, but matchlocks have better-stopping power. What would be the best late-game army composition? Is it even range-focused?


  • Mechwarrior5#7885Mechwarrior5#7885 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I never asked myself about which late army build is the best due to its redundancy. If you have been developing right, you can win by just spamming masses of ashigaru.
    if we are talking separately from the fact above, bows are better, even compared with matchlocks.
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