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Delayed Reinforcements Disappear Bug

SleepiDragonSleepiDragon Junior MemberAustraliaRegistered Users Posts: 1
With the new reinforcements mechanic, there is a time delay before reinforcements arrive. So if you defeat the enemy army before their reinforcements arrive, you get an option to end the battle. This happened during our coop campaign game where we won a battle before enemy reinforcements arrive, and it does state that the enemy reinforcements will be unaffected if we end the battle.

However, when we returned to the campaign map, all enemy armies that were supposedly reinforcing in the battle disappeared. I assume this is a bug that the game thinks we defeated the enemy reinforcements as well? Noting that the enemy armies were force marched, so they wouldn't be able to retreat.
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  • PingvinernaPingvinerna Registered Users Posts: 2
    Had the same thing happen to me, except that I did this in singleplayer. It was as if the armies that reinforced had been defeated. It was Ziao Ming and he later, after what I assume is wounded time, became the general of another army.
  • #940234#940234 Registered Users Posts: 6
    The same thing happened to me with imrik. I defeated the lord that allowed them to besiege me and after finishing the battle killing only him, the reinforcements disappeared. They weren't defeated as I only got 4xp for killing the lord, they just disappeared from the campaign.

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