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Crash when recruiting a Lord & at army roster in multiplayer Battles

epic_159732917637eoKzF5repic_159732917637eoKzF5r Registered Users Posts: 1
I Love this game and played it for already 72h. At the start everything was fine and no crashes appeared, everything worked well..
The ingame Performance is smooth.

But after several Hours the game started to crash when i wanted to play multiplayer battles, and later i even cant recruit Lords & Heroes in Campaign.

I Think it started when i saved one of my Generals in Campaign, but i dont know if this is the reason.
I tried to reinstall the game 2 times, but it doesnt work.

Build number of the Game is: 12381.2524378

I Play with:
-Intel Core i9-10900KF @3,70GHz
-NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
-Windows 11

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