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Ideas for new units and construction in future DLC

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I apologize in advance for my poor English.

So, after playing the prologue and viewing the provided list of units of the factions, I realized that their... Not enough for a comfortable game for a beginner. I thought: What am I missing? What don't I understand? And I realized that in future DLC it is necessary to expand the list of available units. To expand the available tactics and just a comfortable and fun game (yes, fun is very important!)
So: Nurgle requires artillery and fast detachments. A plague catapult, sick wolves and mounted marauders with poisonous darts would be ideal. As far as I understand, this would be more than consistent with Lore. Nurgle diseases affect not only people, the whole nature suffers, and why can't sick animals come to the call of the Lord of Diseases? The use of artillery to cause diseases in besieged cities is also a very ancient practice that those who embody diseases are simply obliged to use. Nurgle is also served by numerous tribes of marauders who diligently distribute the gifts of their lord - and what could be better for this than a poisoned throwing spear? Disease-causing grenades? Hm... Let's leave it to the hypothetical foot looters (with immunity to psychology!).
Mounted chaos knights would be useful as heavy cavalry. Chaos Warrior will be useful as infantry with a big attack. It also requires a Champion of Nurgle to duel and kill enemy lords and heroes... Yes, I didn't immediately realize that a cultist could be used for this. Yes, I'm still unable to use it for this purpose.
Slaanesh. Chaos Warrior and Aspiring Champion. Or any other squad with good armor and protection from range attacks. The Slaanesh army has no one to hold the front.
Archers. To some extent it will even be Lore-friendly. A warrior who has set himself the goal of achieving perfection in the art of archery. Long-range attack, low rate of fire, armor-piercing. Low ammunition and low morale without ammunition.
Heavy cavalry of the Knights of chaos. It is not too necessary, but it will be useful at least to connect the enemy's heavy cavalry with a counter battle. Or to attack heavy infantry.
Another completely optional, but useful addition would be the altar of Slaanesh: an aura of strengthening morale and frenzy (or strengthening any other characteristics) for friendly troops, debuff enemy troops
Champion or demoness as a duelist. (It seems that the Dark Prince has some dancers for this purpose...)
Chaos Warriors with Halberds and Chaos Warriors with swords and shields.
Mutalith Vortex Beast as Artillery
Khorne. The marauder-berserker as cannon fodder.
Some kind of artillery or army unit or to fight a flying enemy. (you can't collect the skull of someone who just flies away from you!) The ideal would be the ability to forcibly land an enemy flying unit.
Cathay. Chariots with halberds. Fire lance infantry. Cavalry with Guandao. Jade Warrior with Changdao (two-handed weapon). Infantry with morgenstern's (I don't remember what the Chinese flexible crushing weapon was called) with an armor-piercing attack. Temple Dogs(Analogue of the Kislev Snow Leopard). Terracotta Warriors (a smaller version of the Terracotta Sentinel) (infantry monster). Multiple bolt crossbow and Bed crossbow (Multiple bolt is an anti-monster with a relatively high speed, Bed is against giants), Perhaps some kind of weapon against ordinary infantry at short/ medium range. A shrapnel cannon?
Kislev ... Hmm ... Kislev ... If I remember correctly, the Russian kingdom achieved what it achieved not with the help of staunch infantry or powerful cavalry. This certainly helped them in many battles, but that was not the decisive advantage. And, no, the advantage was not in overwhelming numbers - situations when they were outnumbered were common enough. But in what they were rarely surpassed, it was in firepower. The Russians almost always relied on the power of their artillery and shooters (and also on the Wagon fort, but this is beside the point). And this is where Kislev has problems. One gun, moreover, not capable of direct fire? Really? I demand to expand the arsenal of Kislev artillery at least by including field and rapid-fire cannons! And add Streltsi with berdish (bleeding, advantage against monsters, light cavalry and unarmored enemy)! And cavalry with rifles and double pistols. And a sled with a Mitrailleuse or a volley gun pulled by Troika!
But seriously, Kislev really needs to expand its artillery arsenal. At least field guns are needed.
Some grenadiers would also be useful to attack the accumulated enemy. And early infantry without missile attacks, but with shields and, probably, with spears, but I'm not sure about that. It's just that I did not immediately understand that my shooters can fight in close combat. So newbies like me need a starting unit that says (this unit is for melee!) This will be really helpful.
I understand that most of these ideas will sooner or later be implemented using mods. But I don't mind paying a small amount for it and playing around with the new units from the expansion.
All for fun.

And one more thought. What if, instead of impersonal construction icons, the player will independently place buildings and walls with gates and towers directly on the settlement map - and accordingly, these buildings set by the player will be present on the battlefield during the siege? It is not necessary that he place buildings freely - pre-placed sites will also do . I think it will be a very interesting addition to the gameplay.
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