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In ProgressThe Putrid Swarm's turn crashes my game - end of turn 89 - Prince of Chaos campaign

steam_164537217508jaO61uHsteam_164537217508jaO61uH Registered Users Posts: 6
edited February 2022 in Crashes
Current Built number: V1.0.1 Build 12645.2534073
(bug showed up first in v1.0.0 yesterday 2/24/2022 noon; as there was an update today, I do not have original Build number)

Detailed description:
Hi team. Hope you all do well.
As I ended my 89th turn and as The Putrid Swarm's turn starts, game crashes (or as my turn is suppose to start, game crashes. I am not entirely sure).
The Putrid Swarm is positioned on 54th/54 turn position and have for some reason same flag as The Bubonic Swarm on 13th/54 position, it may be relevant?
I tried reload previous saves and play further with same and different actions. It did not help, game always crashed on the same exact spot.
Please, help me fix it, thank you.

Reproduction Steps:
-press next turn
-you may skip/deny/auto-fight all actions happening, they are inconsequential.
-get to The Putrid Swarm faction position 54/54
-experience crash

Thank you for a swift response!
Have a great day!

With kind regards, Morningcock.
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