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painting tool & shift draw move orders doesn't work in mp battles.

steelwork#9181steelwork#9181 Registered Users Posts: 98

the painting tool to give info to your allies doesn't draw anything.
when trying to shift draw a path for units the mouse doesn't issue any order and blocks itself until you unselect and select bak your troops again.


  • steelwork#9181steelwork#9181 Registered Users Posts: 98
    both worked in my last mp battle. there was either a server issue at that time or maybe was it crossplay not working very well?
  • steelwork#9181steelwork#9181 Registered Users Posts: 98
    it just happened again. in a FFA. the shift draw move order not working and freezing any new orders.
  • steelwork#9181steelwork#9181 Registered Users Posts: 98
    it still happens often. it did not get fixed. its a big problem when you play with randoms and you cannot communicate with them. at least the ping work.
  • joeb37#5015joeb37#5015 Registered Users Posts: 41
    I've had it happen too - like you said, randomly and inconsistently like most MP problems such as desync, games not starting, losing control of units... it is all very frustrating. Especially with the drawing tool - since we DONT HAVE CHAT, it is the only way to communicate, and it is unreliable.
  • CA_Tama#5904CA_Tama#5904 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 318
    Hey @""steelwork#9181"

    Thank you for sharing your concerns, I have sent them to the team for investigation

    Thank you
    Tama ^-^
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