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Cannot Recruit Certain Units from Warriors of Chaos outpost as Tzeentch (Kairos)

MegaWizard99MegaWizard99 Registered Users Posts: 2
I'll follow this up with a couple of images, but the premise is thus: I've built an outpost in the Red Fortress settlement occupied by Dreaded Wo - they also own a minor settlement in the province. Now, they have a plethora of available units in that province due to their buildings, however I can only recruit 3 of them. The outpost is level 3 and we still have a military alliance. Any idea why this could be happening or how to solve it?


  • Grithok#3561Grithok#3561 Registered Users Posts: 34
    edited March 2022
    I went through the game files and it seems norsca, warriors of chaos, beastmen, wood elves, bretonia and tomb kings all have a limited roster from what you can recruit. Yes, they have non included races in this.

    It seems that all DLC races in the game are like this even though game 1 races are something you have to buy as well but are fully in.
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  • MegaWizard99MegaWizard99 Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited March 2022
    Thanks for the info!

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