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Minor Update for Shogun 2 Suggestion - New Playable Factions & 4 Players Multiplayer Campaign

AkfizAkfiz Registered Users Posts: 19
edited March 2022 in Total War: SHOGUN 2
1. Currently in the standard campaign you have 12 playable factions. I suggest increasing that number to 18 with an update by adding the following factions. The factions can be displayed on 2 rows of 9 clans each.

Shogun 2:

Ashima (Yellow flag) -> Masters of Roads. (historically, were defeated by the Date)
- Can import matchlocks from traiding posts.
- Increased campaign movement range for all armies.

Imagawa (Blue flag) -> Masters of Yabusame (historically, were defeated by the Oda)
- Reduced recrutment cost and upkeep for bow cavalry
- Can recruit superior bow cavalry
The Imagawa where the ones who originally came up with the idea to take the Shoungate.

Azai (Purple flag) -> Masters of Lances (historically, were defeated by the Oda)
- Can recruit long yari ashigaru
- Can recruit superior yari samurai
- Reduced recruitment cost for yari infantry
The Azai were originally the allied with the Oda but eventually betrayed them.

Matsuda (White light-blue flag) -> Master of Philosophy (historically, were defeated by the Mori)
- Reduced recruitment cost for naginata and bow monks
- 25% to the research rate of civil technologies

Hatano (White red flag) -> Masters of Buildings. (historically were defeated by the Oda)
- Reduced building cost for all buildings
- -25% to repain costs for damaged buildings.

Ashikaga (Shogun) -> Masters of the Shogunate (unlocked after beating the campaign once)
- Can recruit superior great guard
- Starts with +5 to food supplies


Shogunate -> (unlocked after beating the campaign once)


Imperial Family -> (unlocked after beating the campaign once with an imperial-sided clan)
Shogunate -> (unlocked after beating the campaign once with a shogun-sided clan)

In totall leading to: 7, 18, 12 total factions.

I would be really interesting to play as the "boss" once you beat the game. And your goal is to keep all others in check. You are naturally stronger, but many will revolt against you. You will have superior quality units, but they more than make up for this in numbers.

2. Currently you can play either 2 players co-op or 1vs1 Head to Head. I suggest raising the total number of players in a Grand Campaign to 4 so you can have: 4 players co-op; 2vs2 Head to Head and Free for All.

This will make Shogun 2 much more fun when you want to play with friends over a longer time.
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