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Chaos Realm Portals

CoolisronCoolisron Registered Users Posts: 1
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The beginning of the Realms of Chaos campaign is fun until you start hearing Ursun's roars. While the main goal of the campaign is to enter the realms and defeat each chaos god's demon prince, there's no reward whatsoever to do so. The portal armies get stronger with each prince beaten (Unless strength is determined by the roar number) and there is no change to how the portals spawn. The only perceivable reward to beating a realm's champion is that all portals of that realm that randomly spawned on the campaign map get closed. Capturing the Daemon prince soul from Nurgle's realm will close all Nurgle realm portals across the map. This is the only benefit I can see to entering the realms.

CA could create a measurable benefit to collecting the Prince souls. All chaos realm portals spawn in with a random alignment to one of the four gods but always in the same locations. Change it so if you have the Prince soul of Tzeentch, then any portals that spawn in a region you control aligned to Tzeentch's realm get automatically closed. There would still be the worry of portals spawning in, though as you collect more souls the numerical threat of the portals is reduced. The strength of them would still increase ensuring they are a threat if left unchecked.

A small change like this would make longer campaigns with larger empires more bearable. This would also add a second reward besides Belakor in that NO portals would spawn within your empire making the long campaign victory less of a pain
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