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User Info RequiredBUG REPORT - "AI Control" For Reinforcements Causing Game Crash

darkranger67darkranger67 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited March 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Hello CA!

I have experienced what seems to be a game-breaking bug in my save. When I deselect "Control Large Army" and select "AI Control" for reinforcements, my game will crash in the loading screen for a manual battle. Below is the EXACT order of events that seemed to generate this bug:

- I used a garrisoned army to offensively attack a sieging army
- I selected both "Control Large Army" AND "AI Control" for reinforcements
- I successfully entered the battle but AI did not control any units
- I conceded defeat, and reloaded the quick save
- I deselected "Control Large Army" and selected "AI Control for reinforcements
- When attempting to load back into the battle, the game immediately crashed
- I ended the process for the Steam program, reopened steam, and reloaded the quick save (5x) and it kept crashing
- I chose to auto resolve the battle without any issue
- I chose to manually fight a battle with a garrisoned army offensively against a sieging army in a different settlement and the game crashed in the loading screen

End Result: I now seem to be unable to manually battle as the game keeps crashing each attempt. I am locked into auto resolving.

- When I choose to fight a manual battle without selecting "Control Large Army" or "AI Control" for reinforcements, the battle loads correctly without issue

End Result: The issue seems to specifically stem from "Control Large Army" and "AI Control" check box options for battle gameplay
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  • #236878#236878 Registered Users Posts: 19
    I wanted to add to this specific issue I also witnessed:

    I got a fight with the options large army and AI control.

    My army got 19 units and my reinforcing garrison got 8 units.
    I am under Siege and sally out to break the siege.

    Selecting only AI control without large army made the game crash.
    Selecting both AI control and large army works (no AI controlled units on my side because due to large army selected, all untis are mine to control)
    Selecting non of the options also works.
    And not selecting AI control with large army works as well

    Tested everything, results are 100% true
    Kinda same situation

    But why is that?
    I assume darkranger67 did not have a full 20 unit army just like me.
    In thar case, it seems that since we got less than 20 units the game wants to let us start the battle with 20, since a part of the garrisson will usually be there at the start of the batte IF possible and the rest comes as reinforements.
    However, since the garrisson is checked as "AI controlled" the game does not know what to do since it wants us to give units at the start, BUT we want it to control the units via AI.

    I'll leave the save with my battle here and can provide further info if requested.

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