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Changing voice line trigger conditions

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Hi, I'm looking for anyone to help me! I want to make some voice line changes to Warhammer 3. There are clearly some bugs regarding them, and I expect them to be really low-priority for fixing by Creative Assembly since there are SO MANY bugs in general.

I already have RPFM and a very basic understanding of how to use it. I've edited out the Chaos Rifts from the Realms campaign, yay.

The bugs I want to address are:

1. Spellcaster voice lines. Spellcasters in WH1 and WH2 yelled something epic every time they cast a spell. They don't in WH3. Instead they say nothing. But they yell their epic spellcasting voice lines when they use abilities or items. I want to fix (reverse?) this.

2. Level-up voice lines. A new feature in WH3 is lords making comments about learning new skills and equipping new items. I'm sure we have all noticed that this is bugged -- when you choose a new skill for a lord they will speak as if they were given a new item. This would be nice to fix, but this is MUCH LOWER PRIORITY for me than bug #1 above.

So how do I go about fixing these? Especially the first one. I'm guessing I need to find some variable in data.pack that correlates "spell activation" and "ability activation" in battle to some specific audio resources. And then I guess I could just switch the places of those values? But where would I find these?

And I guess something similar would work for #2 as well.

A further explanation of problem #1 in case the above wasn't clear enough:

-- What happens currently (#1):

*Be'lakor casts Penumbral Pendulum*
Be'lakor: ...
*Be'lakor drinks a Potion of Foolhardiness*

-- What I would like to happen (#1):

*Be'lakor casts Penumbral Pendulum*
*Be'lakor drinks a Potion of Foolhardiness*
Be'lakor: ...

-- What happens currently (#2):

*Herald of Slaanesh hits level 2 and I give them Route Marcher from the blue skill line*
*Herald of Slaanesh is given the weapon "Blade of Slaanesh"*
Herald of Slaanesh: ...

-- What I would like to happen (#2):

...you get the idea :D

EDIT 22nd March:

This issue resolved itself for me without any need for modding. I feel like a total dumb ass.

The reason no spellcasting voice lines were playing for me was that by default the battle options in WH3 have the "slow motion ability usage" turned on. And it's a useful feature, sure. But voice lines do not play during slow motion. Not using this setting causes battle time not to go into slo-mo and all the voice lines play correctly.

D: Kill me. xD

Gonna toggle that s**t off from now on. Gonna fire up another campaign to enjoy the ham. Yay!
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