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Medieval 2 total war recruitment

JesseStamJesseStam Registered Users Posts: 7

I played for some time 'third age total war, divide and conquer. The MOD for Medieval 2 total war.

My problem will be the same in both games.

I don't understand the recruitment and replencement system.

Can anybody explain this system please?


  • FritzvomWald#8248FritzvomWald#8248 Registered Users Posts: 168
    Recruitment can only be done in settlements and often depends on regional conditions, so called zones of recruitment, and\or events And obviously the required building like a barracks.

    Replenishment of units is done in settlements as well (no magic replenishment while roaming the land like in later Total War games) and will usually only work if you can recruit the unit in that settlement. All of which makes 'rushing' an opponent that more difficult.
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