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Total War Warhammer 3 Ideas

TheGamerNamedSlyTheGamerNamedSly Registered Users Posts: 1
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
Me and my friend John were playing and wondering if we could go into a spectator type mode in my warhammer 3 single player mode where he would be able to control my units like another player in a multiplayer campaign as someone that doesn't have a selected race or faction. Id like to offer up this idea, the full concept is as follows.

Another Side Icon
There could be a button on the side of your singleplayer fight before you choose to autoresolve, to host your singleplayer game as a multiplayer, that would allow you to have spectators. In the battle itself where you can currently gift units, you allow these spectators to be options on the menu, I was thinking a three wide by two tall, with small dots on the bottom with a arrow on the left and right to "scroll" between the options of players.

Add A Spectator Faction
In the multiplayer menu allow for a spectator faction, that allows when the game starts to have a selection menu on who to spectate. This would apply a fog of war that matches this players perspective that is already in the game, this menu doesnt allow them to do anything but what the player sees and allows for a type of "Advisor" to help their friends play the games and talk about whats going on, then you allow these spectators to be selected in the gift unit menu.

Side note: Please allow singleplayer matches to be downloaded, and put onto multiplayer. I feel like that could be fun for the communitys interactions and promote multiplayer to have more non passworded lobbies.
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