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Potential siege tweak

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TL;DR, Change towers and barricades into something you can only deploy in the deployment phase and make supplies used instead to bring in reinforcement units similar to the survival battles.

So there has been a lot of talk about the siege rework and I thought I'd put forward this potential solution to some of the issues. Not that just take this mechanic from over here is particularly revolutionary but, hey, I didn't say I was a genius. Worse case this could make a fun mod if someone who knows how to code wants to take it.

1. Deployables and Misc.

-How many towers and barricades you get to build would be based on the tier of settlement and the garrison building. Additionally, you can spend your tower allotment to build higher tier towers at the cost of not being able to build as many.
-Example, you have 4 tower allotments, you could either build four tier 1 towers or a single tier 4 tower. This gives the player decent control over what they want and prevents the work done for the effects of the higher tier towers from going to waste as well as the UI work.
-Destroyed towers would stay down.
-Barricades would be similar with the only difference being they all cost the same.
-Finally, major settlements should have only 1 victory point that generates tickets. The other major point already has the melee defense and leadership buffs, that makes it worth defending potentially but forcing it can cause you to get spread too thin.

Alternatively, make all towers built from the start at tier 1 or maybe a tier 0 if that is too much, just so they are on the map for destruction. Supplies still used to upgrade. Main reason to go with this method instead of some sort of allotment is to avoid towers potentially being wasted by being placed in bad positions or to prevent the most effective tactic being just place the towers near the victory point. It also present an oppurtunity cost for the player in that they may want to protect un-upgraded towers for being destroyed for later use.

2. The Reinforcements

-Reinforcement units would be in addition to the garrison and the stationed army
-The pool of reinforcements would be based of the global recruitment pool to keep you from summoning too powerful units in the early game.
-Tier of units and the amount could be based on the settlement tier and garrison tier. Minor settlements would go up to tier 3 but major could summon tier 5
-Having local recruitment buildings could reduce the cost as well in increase the cap for the related units.
-In battle the amount of control points you hold would also dictate what units you can call. Example, if you only have two points you can only go to tier 2 units.
-Units would come in at the victory point. Side note regular reinforcements when you disable large army should also come in here and not a random part of the map.

Benefits of this sort of system are:
-It gives tactical flexibility to the player in how they want to do that fight such as whether to turtle then push out or to use initial units to make them enemy bleed for every inch then build up higher tier units at the final point for a last stand.
-It provides a less annoying than constantly spawning towers but still very good impetus to the attacker to not just sit back and blast the enemy away with artillery and magic as they want to get in and limit the amount of units and tiers of units the enemy can bring in while still making it viable since there are limits.
-It should also be a bit easier for the AI to handle since reinforcements have been a thing forever in total war, although making sure they don't just throw these units away and actually use the to hold out or set additional lines of defense might take some work.
-There are also plenty of ways to tweak the system from costs to caps to adding a cooldown between calling in each unit.

So what do you guys think? Is there potential in this system? What problems to you foresee or are the better solutions. Let me know.
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