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User Info RequiredBUG: Closing the game after finishing a Soul Quest battle gets Army stuck in chaos realm

jojoseis2001jojoseis2001 Registered Users Posts: 3
edited March 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
In my Kislev Campaign i encountered a bug that most likely overwhelmingly effects campaigns on Legendary difficulty but is also so severe that it can basically end campaigns. It can also probably effect all factions.

How it happened:
- After the rifts opened i went into the Blood Good's Domain.
- I fought some battles to get the necessary amount of Bloodshed so start the quest battle
- After winning the quest battle my army got teleported back into my Region from where i started.
- I decided that getting that soul was a good time to take a break and closed the game.
- After returning to the campaign later i still kept my earned soul, but my army was stuck in the chaos realm.

On Legendary difficulty the game creates a new automatic save right after every battle and deletes the previous one. The same thing happened after the quest battle but it didnt save the teleport back to my own territory. So after loading back up the army was still where the battle took place (the chaos realm) and the teleport back that was supposed to follow didnt get saved.
As saves on other difficulties usually occur at different times this bug is a lot less likely to happen there.

I had no way to get out besides disbanding the entire army, including all heroes. This effectively killed my campaign as i had multiple lvl 35-40 heroes as well as a full army of high ranked, expensive, late-game units in it.

Possible solutions:
- Save the game again after the army got teleported back and all the pop-ups about the received soul went through. This still might not prevent the bug in its entirety though as people could end up closing the game while pop-ups are still around
- Include the state of the event in the save so the army gets teleported to the correct location after loading the campaign.
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