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How to solve WH3's issues

TheTrue_LordAndyTheTrue_LordAndy Registered Users Posts: 985
Let me preface this by saying that all the drama recently is unwarranted. Yes express concerns but it is not doom and gloom people will bounce back when IE comes out. I have noticed people posting youtuber videos who are being dramatic, remember though drama creates engagement and views, youtubers are just trying to capitalize on drama, so they will blow stuff out of proportions both hype wise and then when there are issues being extremely negative.

The good news is that the amount of work done on game 3 is substantial and has created a base template that can now be improved drastically over time as bugs are addressed, some mechanics re-looked at, unnecessary code cleaned up and new DLC added.

Anyways on to solutions rather than useless banter:

1. Add a toggle to turn on and off the rifts and engage in the narrative campaign and have alternate win conditions if you chose not to follow the chaos realm quest line. Alternatively rifts could appear in less areas and you get a warning well in advance if a rift will appear in one of your provinces. There could also be ten or so set locations on the map where rifts appear instead of all over the place.

2. Re-design some of the Chaos realm's to be less frustrating i.e.Tzeench realm or at least don't make the AI consistently chose the optimal path.

3. Make settlements without a defense building be a land battle, tier one can be the unwalled minor settlement maps and tier two walled settlements. Perhaps make the AI build this building more often so that the minor settlement battles don't go from being too prevalent to too scarce.

4. Add an option to turn enable and disable supply structures for settlement battles in your campaign, so that people who lose immersion with towers popping up out of nowhere or feel this is too gamy, can have the option to not use this feature and not play against it.

5. Don't make AI always try to attrition you if you have a walled settlement.

6. Continue to fix reported bugs found by the community

7. IE campaign should not have rifts implemented the way they where in the base game. Perhaps there is one location per continent where a rift occasionally spawns so you can enter the chaos realms. Chaos realms in IE work differently, have a few settlements which non demonic factions can't capture, but other factions are incentivized to raise, and there can be the survival battle where you get benefits for defeating it based on your faction.

8. Be'lakore gets a unique skill line and becomes a playable faction with unique mechanics.

9.Use lessons learned from Three kingdoms to make good DLC that will add to peoples experience of IE and main campaign such as World Betrayed as opposed to Eight Princes. DLC can also be primarily aimed at IE, nothing wrong with that.

10. All Deamon factions get their unique chaos warriors when their respective DLC drops. DLC adds mechanics to factions needing a boost such as Nurgle and Slanesh factions.

Let me know what you guys think about the above.


  • Vacmidvalley#4374Vacmidvalley#4374 Registered Users Posts: 409
    How to fix WH3- Hire new leadership at CA.
  • Fingolfin_the-Golden#2157Fingolfin_the-Golden#2157 Registered Users Posts: 6,646
    I’m on board for 9/10 of them.
    BEARS, Beets, Battlestar Galactica 🧝‍♀️ Pandas too please CA!
  • Steph_F_DavidSteph_F_David Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,492
    1. Agreed

    2. Agreed. And change teleport : not lose full movement, only a part of it. And correct what happens when trying to attack an AI on the teleport : retreat for AI, unwanted teleport for you.

    3. Or make it so encircle --> minor settlement next turn, immediate attack (or sally)= land battle. This way the attacker or defender can decide to have a land battle, or wait a turn and have minor settlement. Minor settlement can be tedious, but I'd like a way to play them from time to time if I wish.

    4. For this, I think mods to tweak supply point gain, deployable building cost and time, etc maybe a better solution. Because we could have several mods, with several solutions, and so have the one we prefer. Maybe a player want them completly removed, another wants to have more at start, another wants to be able to build them, but twice slower, etc.

    5. Why? Attrition is often the key element in a siege.

    6. You are playing mister Obvious there :).

    7. I think rift should be in IE, to allow some form of fast travel, and allow some battles in Chaos Realms map. But they should be less frequent, more randomized, and with no strong obligation to get there. My idea (coming from another guy who posted a map)
    - Chaos Realms are in the map, and each have a teleport point for each continent (like Old World, Lustria, Southlands, Cathay...).
    - Each continent has several rifts location, and when rift pop up, each location is randomly linked to a Chaos Realms. If you enter a rift, you teleport to the corresponding Chaos realm (at the teleport point corresponding to your continent)
    - You can then travel the Chaos Realm, a bit like in a Soul Race, but without the Survival battle, just random encounter against Chaos army).
    - When you reach a teleport point in the realm, then you teleport to a random rift in the corresponding continent, and linked to your Chaos realm. If there is none (all closed), you teleport to another rift linked to your Chaos realm... but in another continent.

    8. Agreed, he comes to late in a campaign and lacks interest.

    9. Also Obvious.

    10. Agreed. It is important they all get their Chaos Warriors (and not just retexture, remodel as well). I have no grip toward CA for using retexture, or not including them all, at start. But I'm strongly expecting them in DLC, coming "soon".

  • Zviko0Zviko0 Registered Users Posts: 83
    Number 1 is the only one that would probably make me play some more WH3. Other than that I'm pretty much done with the main campaign. No IE is my one and only issue right now.
  • Tennisgolfboll#5877Tennisgolfboll#5877 Registered Users Posts: 13,273
    Nothing short of an overhaul will save the disaster that is wh3
    It needs to be pointed out that what people call "cheese" is just playing the game the way it actually exists not in some fictional way they think it is supposed to work.
  • talonn#7575talonn#7575 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,868
    Agree except for no.5

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