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The flag of a country is not seen properly in the game...

ynitedpynitedp Registered Users Posts: 21
I changed the files of the game to make a new emergent nation by replacing the location,the flag and the name of an already existing emergent nation (greece).

The thing is that on the menu, when you want to start a new campaign game and you try to select the country, the greek flags appear instead of the flag of the new country I added.

Moreover, in the campaign map, the flag (which is a white lion over a red background) is not seen properly, since all that is seen is a red background (although in diplomacy and battles the white lion over the background is seen normally)

And finally, when a turn is over and one is watching the movements of other countries, all flags except the new one have an undulating animation (as if the wind moved these flags, except the new one I added for the new emergent faction)

Does anyone know how to fix these problems?
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