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Medieval total world - an mmorpg

Sir_De_Tuit_IVSir_De_Tuit_IV Junior MemberPosts: 3Registered Users
edited November 2010 in Medieval II: Total War
So I'm thinking an mmorpg of M2TW
You choose what faction and choose what soldier you are, starting off from the ****pest (peasant) then as you kill people u raise levels and get money, buy armor and weapons. then when ur really high u can pay people to be in ur clan or whatever and they fight for you in like big ass battles. Battles will be played in normal M2TW style.

What do you think. Can it work? would you play it?
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  • LouThundersLouThunders Senior Member Posts: 312Registered Users
    edited November 2010
    I would play it, but unfortunately there already is another game which works exactly as how you said it (I don't want to say the title). It works exactly like that. We start as a peasant, and plays in a realm split between warring factions. You could join one faction to unite the land, or establish your own kingdom and fight large battles.
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  • chronicochronico Senior Member Posts: 155Registered Users
    edited November 2010
    I will tell em its called mount and blade warband and it has a online mode kind of like a fps but with swords and arrows as well as single player campaign. I suggest picking i up as its a good game for when you are sick of playing total war and need something new for abit untill you go back to playing total war again. :)
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