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Multiplayer Campaign - Alliance - User is booted from Team into Free-For-All after missing a Session

BARBOSSALBARBOSSAL Registered Users Posts: 11
edited March 2022 in Multiplayer Bugs
Summary: Players who were originally on a Team are placed on Free-For-All after the multiplayer campaign is played once without them and are unable to rejoin.

Repro Steps:
1. Create a Multiplayer Campaign Lobby
2. Have Four Users all join Team 1
3. Launch Campaign
4. Complete Several Turns as Normal
5. End Session and go back to the lobby
6. Resume Coop Campaign as Host
7. All but one player rejoin the Multiplayer Lobby
8. Launch Game
9. Complete Turns
10. End Session
11. Recreate Lobby and have all players rejoin
12. Notice that the user who didn't play last time is now permanently booted from Team 1 and is stuck in as Free-For-All settings.

In our campaign, we had Ursun Revivalists, two Cathay, and Goldtooth together on Realms of Chaos. After Goldtooth couldn't make it one night, we played for a couple of turns then when we came back next session we noticed he was permanently booted from Team 1.

Thank you
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