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In ProgressVassalization crashing coop campaign

tapeworm00#8410tapeworm00#8410 Registered Users Posts: 18
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Hi there,

In my 2 player coop campaign we've found and tested the consistency of a bug. I'm playing as Tzeentch, the other player as Khorne. I paid the Disciples of the Maw to become my Vassals (through the "Balance offer" option). The other player gets the notice and the dilemma to declare war on me or make peace with the vassal. Whatever his choice, one of us crashes - every time.

No idea if this is happening with other forms of vassalization and we have no quick way to try. But we've run the same save with the same action a few times and it's happened in every one.

Let me know if you need a save or anything like that. Thanks!
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  • tapeworm00#8410tapeworm00#8410 Registered Users Posts: 18
    Here are the files for the report.

    I think we figured out what's going on: if one of the players in the same team in a coop campaign is at war with a faction that the other player vassalizes, then it produces a dilemma, but the dilemma crashes the game. We've continued playing and I vassalized a faction my coop partner was not at war with, and it didn't give us any problems.

    Thank you!
  • Luna_CALuna_CA Administrator Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 3,606
    Hey tapeworm00 ,

    Thanks for Files! I've passed this along to the team for you!
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