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Multiplayer Campaign

Praetorian349Praetorian349 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 111

In the middle of trying to figure out continued issues with a multiplayer campaign for 5-6 of my mates.

We get severe lag/stuttering in multiplayer campaign battles, every couple of seconds. The battle timer will tick one second for every 4-5 real-time seconds that pass. It's unplayable.

This seems to happen with 4-5 players, but did not happen at launch. We assumed it was an issue with one of our mate's computers. He has since sunk three and a half grand into his system to sort it out and the issue persists. We all have pretty top notch systems and no obvious internet issues.

The strange thing is when one of us drops from a 4 player battle and leaves us with 3 players, it runs fine. If we exclude that player and do another 4-player game with a different mate, issue is back. But 3 players, no issue. Any combination of use, it only seems to be an issue with 4+ players?

Anyone have any possible fixes? We're all Steam users.

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