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good old CA

ammo2095#8079ammo2095#8079 Registered Users Posts: 1,548
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Is CA the best game developer to date? I can't make my own mind up for some reason.

What are your opinions?

good old CA

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  • 1v0#35621v0#3562 Registered Users Posts: 2,398
    Funny how you gave only Yes as an answer... At this point this is not a Poll...
    My answer is - NO, but they are trying their best ! And I think if it was up to them they would have delayed the game again (but publishers and all that). Things were cearly planned differently... (the concept art of units that didn't make it in...).
    Still that is not an excuse for the game to be (unfinished)early access without it begin marked as early access...
    Question:Presumably you’ve needed to create a huge number of new Daemon units to properly flesh them out and give them their own armies?
    Answer:IR: What you’ve just said is so true,
  • ArbitraryDwarf#5835ArbitraryDwarf#5835 Registered Users Posts: 231
    Well as usual your polls are deliberately flawed.

    CA have produced over the years some of my favourite strategy games, including WH2.

    However, as a game designer, they are losing their way. Perhaps they just don't have the quality employees anymore to design decent games?

    If a company with the massive industry reputation that CDPR had pre Cyberpunk, can become a pariah of the industry with their incompetence, then CA really have no chance and are truly on a downward spiral.
  • unepatate#6598unepatate#6598 Registered Users Posts: 159
    Stop whining, really.
  • alpharender33#2889alpharender33#2889 Registered Users Posts: 450
    EA is best, I love microtransactions and p2w mecahnics in my vibeogane. Also, always online requirements. A a TOS that steals my personal data.
  • Veldrinar#2882Veldrinar#2882 Registered Users Posts: 681
    Deja vu, I have been in this poll before.
  • Tennisgolfboll#5877Tennisgolfboll#5877 Registered Users Posts: 13,751
    It needs to be pointed out that what people call "cheese" is just playing the game the way it actually exists not in some fictional way they think it is supposed to work.
  • stephenparker7#6742stephenparker7#6742 Registered Users Posts: 190
    I don't like this poll. Sure, warhammer total war is one of my favorite games but this launch is really rough. I am waiting until at least 1.1 to continue as several of the bugs/design choices bother me greatly.

  • Valkaar#2507Valkaar#2507 Registered Users Posts: 5,956
    CA is a good developer and Total War is a good game.

    They aren't perfect, and neither is this game.

    But the game is still enjoyable, I've completed 5 Campaigns and had fun with it and am excited about the future, not dreading it. Some fixes are needed, yes, but I can see the potential for sure.

    I am looking forward to 1.1 where I can take my time to use the Rifts to collect boons and explore the map! Maybe encounter those Lizardmen as Katarin for once, and build an outpost, and get some dinosaurs in my armies :D

    I'm sorry if that's not the mandatory "This game is the literal worst" post that seems to be 'required' by the forums these days. But the game really isn't all that bad. Unpolished? Yes. Horrendous? No.
  • BouncyMermaidBouncyMermaid Registered Users Posts: 11
    edited March 2022
    My thinking is CA is faultering, somewhat in a sticky situation due to problems it has created. Wierdly, all the problems have or are seen as positives, but have created problems that needs solutions quickly.

    Firstly, Multiplayer. Now, I've heard that they've made an attempt at fixing this in WH3. However, it seems the problem of figuring out a way of Multiplayer Grand Strategy with RTS battles is still an issue that once figured, Total War would be really competing in that market. No idea how they would though.

    Secondly, identity. They were the champions of historical strategy. Rome total war was yelled about in my school, heck, I even missed a few days just to play Rome Total War.

    With the success of Warhammer, I think that they are now in an identity crisis of who to market to. Before covid, they probably would of had resources for two different teams to make one historical and one fantasy game biannually. Post covid, I would highly doubt that exists.

    Furthermore, Troy is a recent example of the identity issue playing out. I think historical fans would have been stocked for a bronze age total war. The fantasy fans would have been contented (IMO) with a fantasy Troy. The two put together caused a messy in messaging with no one happy with the cake.

    There's another point, but, can't word it correctly so I'll leave it out for the time being.

    CA has created some truly milestone games. The current market for "I want it, I want it now" is probably not ideal, however, they need a new Rome Total War moment to compete with Paradox.
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