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SolvedWhats the purpose of the replay fuction? It doesn't work well

sehosoarsehosoar Registered Users Posts: 2
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Hello, i send this problem to Sega then i get replied that i should write it here.
All of the replays doesn't play acuurately. I only record the battle when i win but when i watch it on replay section then it plays differently.(The units move as i controlled but when they fight the result is different) I somehow get valiant defeat. i think the campagin buffs(gods,hero traits etc) are missing in the replay battle. Just my personal thought.

another issue i found is the griffin(lesser griffin usually). the griffin gets stuck when it land on trees.(Forest,Bushes,Trees inside the Castle) Not anywhere else but only in the trees.

I also get crashes during campaign but it hardly happens so i won't talk about this but please do fix the two problems i mentioned.

I love Troy, its the only total war i play.
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  • sehosoarsehosoar Registered Users Posts: 2
    Solved. It was because of the buff that adds to the unit while playing campaign in harder difficulty. the solution is download the 'AI difficulty bonus remove' mod on steam. Its not perfect but fixes a lot.
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