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Known Issuepossible typo in trigger_dilemma_with_targets_internal

LordOmlette#9092LordOmlette#9092 Registered Users Posts: 24
edited April 2022 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
In the code for campaign_manager:trigger_dilemma_with_targets_internal there are 2 separate calls to campaign_manager:trigger_dilemma_with_targets_raw

local targets_valid, error_messages = self:trigger_dilemma_with_targets_raw(faction_cqi, dilemma_key, target_faction_cqi, secondary_faction_cqi, character_cqi, mf_cqi, region_cqi, settlement_cqi, family_member_cqi, true);
But if you look at the definition for campaign_manager:trigger_dilemma_with_targets_raw it says

campaign_manager:trigger_dilemma_with_targets_raw(faction_cqi, dilemma_key, target_faction_cqi, secondary_faction_cqi, character_cqi, family_member_cqi, mf_cqi, region_cqi, settlement_cqi, whitelist)
I believe that's an unintentional typo that would lead the code to think it should look for a military force when a dilemma is trying to target a family member, or vice versa. Is this a known issue, or am I reading it wrong?
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