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MidyinMidyin Registered Users Posts: 27
I know the question itself is making a few of you groan, but now that we sre officially into a nrw console generation, and with the Total War:Warhammer games already being on the Microsofts PC Gamepass, do you think we’ll see them make their way to the new Xbox?

Personally, i cant imagine playing this with a controller, but that might be the only hardware limitations(and maybe hard-drive space) it has to deal with.

Also, followup questions.
If it did go to console, would you play it?

And would you be willing to pay all that money again on all three games and the DLCs again?
(I ask this because thats a hefty paywall that would probably stop me from jumping to console)


  • #1609#1609 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,538
    I don't think it will be done, and if it does, I won't play it. Even if I had a console.
  • mecanojavi99#6562mecanojavi99#6562 EspañaRegistered Users Posts: 11,458
    Can consoles even handle something as demanding as Total War? If 20 stacks of Skaven Slaves already make some PCs cry, a console would just melt.
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  • damon40000#7640damon40000#7640 Registered Users Posts: 1,922
    playing it on console is world of pain
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  • tadakatsu#9524tadakatsu#9524 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,614
    console cant even handle battle for middle earth 2 very well so no chance of console being able to handle total war
  • Arthas_Menethil#3421Arthas_Menethil#3421 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 7,368
    I don't even want to imagine the pain of Total War on console. I know Crusader Kings is trying something with console but I don't think Total war would work well.
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  • KronusXKronusX Registered Users Posts: 2,464
    Considering they botched a sequel on PC...you don't want a console release, I can't fathom how buggy it would be.
  • Polar_IceCreamPolar_IceCream Registered Users Posts: 147
    Micromanaging Skaven or Slannesh would be a migraine in the making. I built a PC to play games like total war as similar games like simcity and roller coaster tycoon are just terrible on console to control.
  • Processing#6286Processing#6286 Czech Republic Registered Users Posts: 835

    Can consoles even handle something as demanding as Total War? If 20 stacks of Skaven Slaves already make some PCs cry, a console would just melt.

    My PC is definitely weaker than current gen console (Rx 570 and Ryzen 2600) and I can handle game 3 on medium to high graphics, large unit size and solid 50 fps in battle.

    Campaign is laggy 20 fps mess but what you gonna do.
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